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Emotional Genius

Emotional Genius is the ability to change your state by choice. I heard this statement in a workshop I recently attended with Foundation for Conscious Living,  And I find this statement to be empowering. Life is a series of choices: Life is happening to me or I’m happening to life. Am I creating from the

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Conscious Agreeements

Heath and I are generating new ways to expand our capacity to connect, appreciate and trust each other and ourselves. We are experiencing the beauty and freedom that comes from making conscious agreements. Agreements regarding our relationship, our business, our money and our home. The last time we made conscious agreements with each other was

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Wondering Into Presence

Lately curiosity and wonder have been playful parts of my personal practice of “presencing”. Placing a new priority on wonder and curiosity is changing me. It is changing my experience of the world. I notice shifting my attention to wonder questions like “I wonder how” or ‘I wonder what “, shifts me from feeling stuck,

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Grow Your Body Intelligence Now!

There is IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient) now there is BQ (body quotient). Body Intelligence includes the ability to becoming increasingly aware of the body and respond to the bodies messages. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us. It has been my experience that most people who get on my table have little

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Our Story

Heath and Nicole have spent the last 15 years collaborating, harmonizing and co-creating  a prosperous business doing what they love!  They share their healing attention through touch, movement therapies and offer continuing education to massage therapists around the globe. They continue to have a thriving private practice in their home town in Tempe, AZ. You

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