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At Living Metta, we are dedicated to providing world-class spa massage training and creating healing spaces for therapists and clients to thrive. With over 20 years of experience, our team of expert trainers has crisscrossed the globe, integrating modern medical and ancient hands-on healing therapies to inspire massage therapists to deliver exceptional bodywork.

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Our clientele includes sole proprietors, teams, and leaders at renowned establishments such as Four Seasons, FontaineBleau, JW Marriott, Sensei Resorts, Massage Envy, Encore, Wynn, Resorts World, and many more.

Heath & Nicole Reed

LMTs, Co-Founders, & Team Instructors

Heath and Nicole are leading industry experts in bodywork education and team-teach nationally and internationally, including:
They specialize in touch therapies, conscious communication, and self care, have produced and published multiple articles, videos, webinars and are authors of the Savvy Self Care Column in Massage & Bodywork Magazine.

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If you are a Spa Director, Massage Clinic or Yoga Studio Owner we have available courses for your group that you can take live or remotely.

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Who are Living Metta Trainers, Heath & Nicole Reed, LMTs?

Here are ways the Reeds share their passion with our CE Trainings:

  • Team-teaching CEU courses for 20+ years at dozens of 5-star, 5- diamond, and similar resorts and spas throughout the country.
  • Regularly Featured Continuing Education presenters at American Massage Conferences, the ABMP Neck, & Back Summits, World Massage Conferences, and iSpa Conferences.
  • Producers of a catalog of various live and recorded webinars for the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals, Table Mesa, Tools for Touch, and @Peace Media.
  • Savvy Self-Care Columnists for Massage and Bodywork Magazine, and contributing authors for Massage Magazine since 2010.
  • Producers of 10 massage and movement therapy DVDs, the Healing Matters blog, a YouTube Chanel, Smiling Organ Meditation CD, and the groundbreaking book, Table Thai Yoga Massage, in 2006.
  • Creators of 50 continuing ed courses since 2001, all approved by the National Certification Board of Massage Therapy.
  • Hosts of international Loving Kindness retreats integrating bodywork, yoga therapy, and meditation, while expanding cultural awareness, self discovery, and body intelligence skills.
  • Big Leap Coaches, graduates of Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks’ Foundation for Conscious Living program. Sharing life coaching skills for generating healthy and happy relationships and deeply meaningful insight and awareness.

Available Courses

Below you will find the variety of courses that we have available. If you would like a specific type of course, we can create that too!

*Each seminar is one-day/8CEs long unless specified otherwise*

Acupressure and Medical Qigong

Therapists learn simple techniques to increase their massage therapy stamina and decrease the likelihood of burnout or injury. Body mechanics, alignment, and leverage are emphasized while learning Medical Qi Gong and Therapeutic Acupressure techniques. Therapists receive the practical tools they need to easily shift away from fatigue and negativity and align with their positive intentions and passion for providing greater healing opportunities for themselves and their clients.

Conscious Communication

Therapists explore effective communication strategies with the aim to enhancing therapist, management, and guests satisfaction! Experiential exercises and hypothetical scenarios are practiced to improve therapists' communication skills, and refining their highest quality attention for the benefit of clients and themselves.

Cranial Sacral Therapy (1, 2, or 3 Days)

Is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. Techniques using soft touch are demonstrated to provide a thorough hands-on training that enables participants to perform a 50-90-minute Cranial Sacral session.

Cupping Massage Therapy

Save your hands and discover the time-tested technique of cupping therapy to upgrade all your sessions! Cupping Massage relieves chronic pain, stiffness, or injuries in muscles and joints and increases immunity, circulation and lymphatic drainage. Cupping can be utilized as a standalone treatment, be inserted into any session as an add-on, or be focalized for effective localized pain relief

Deep Tissue & Easy Body Mechanics

Therapists learn to ergonomically move around the table in ways that support healthy body mechanics, and to provide secure draping techniques. Therapists also save their hands, thumbs, and wrists by learning to use advanced tools like forearms, elbows, soft fists, and knuckles to apply deep pressure safely.

Ethical Frontiers

Therapists explore topics and boundaries regarding ethics, integrity, and "response-ability". Experiential exercises and hypothetical scenarios are practiced to improve therapists' communicate skills, and refining ones' highest quality attention for clients and themselves.

iMassage and Tech Relief

Scientific studies show that prolonged sitting and digital device use heighten stress, discomfort, and pain levels. In this seminar we introduce and practice massage and movement therapies that release the common Neck, Shoulder, Arm, Wrist, Low Back, and Hip pains associated resulting from excessive sitting and tech use.

Pre-Natal/Maternity Massage in the Side-lying Position (1 or 2-Days)

Myths are dispelled, contraindications discussed and safe and nurturing touch therapies explored. We practice using the the side- lying position, impeccable draping techniques, and advanced tools so therapists feel confidant giving a Prenatal massage directly following this course.

Self-Care IS Healthcare (1-5 Days)

Emphasizing therapist self-care, therapists are given the gift of one full day to take exclusive care of themselves. In this experiential course therapists will practice easy and potent therapeutic yoga, medical qigong techniques, self acupressure and simple breathing and focusing techniques to realign with their intentions

Sports Massage (1 or 2 Days)

Therapists practice therapeutic approaches to some of the most common sports-related feet, knee, back, shoulder and arm injuries. Healing approaches to Ankle Sprains, Shin Splints, Runner's Knee, Hamstring or Groin Strain, Low Back Pain, Shoulder Injuries, and Golfer's or Tennis Elbow are presented. Though this course focuses on athletes, the therapies are appropriate for anyone healing in these areas.

Thai Herbal Compress Therapy (1 or 2 Days)

Integrate Thai energy line work with stretching and the traditional Hot Herbal Compress to provide deep and therapeutic relaxation. The aroma therapy and hydrotherapy elements of this treatment enhance the healing effects.

Thai Yoga Massage on the Table or Mat
(1-9 Days)

Therapists learn to provide full body Dynamic Stretching or can incorporate safe and effective stretches into any massage therapy session. A 60-minute protocol (and up to 6 hours of techniques) teaches therapists to safely move clients through stretching, range of motion, and compression techniques that are designed to increase flexibility and decrease pain. This may be taught for the table, or on the traditional Thai Mat on the floor.

Yoga Massage (1, 2, or 3 Days)

This course is a blending of the best of Spa Relaxation, Sports Massage, Acupressure, and Thai Yoga stretches. This class delivers potent therapy and promotes flexibility for every body type. Therapists practice "fearless draping" as they confidently stretch and move the body in various positions.

Wow Massage

Therapists experience an integration of Nicole and Heath and their clients' favorite strokes from around the world. For over 20 years of practice, these are our "money strokes" and have contributed to our clients continue to come back for more! Strong emphasis on Body Mechanics and sustainable techniques.

East Meets West Fusion

Ease & Flow Massage

Do you want to feel more energized, refreshed and enlivened at the end of your shift? Heath and Nicole share some of their favorite massage therapy techniques from their world travels, as well as their experience working at 5-diamond resorts and spas. Practice and feel these “money strokes” to create a healing journey of connection and flow in every session. Play with sustainable and ergonomic body mechanics to emphasize maximum relaxation for both you and your clients.

Face, Scalp, Shoulders, Chest, & Neck Massage

Rejuvenate the skin, clear congestion, and release stress with the unique synergy of East-West Fusion approaches to Face, Scalp, and Neck Massage. Experience a lovely marriage of Ayurvedic, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Lymphatic, and Cranial Sacral therapeutic approaches. Release jaw and neck tension as we unlock restrictions to soothe the entire bodymind. Appropriate for both Estheticians and Massage Therapists.

Hands, Feet, & Face Massage: The Portals of Relaxation

The hands, feet, and face are powerful doorways to provide deep relaxation. They have the highest proportion of sensory nerve cells and when accessed, lead to the relaxation response. Appropriate for both Estheticians and Massage Therapists, this course presents soothing and relaxing techniques for these areas, as well as bonus massage favorites for the scalp, neck, and shoulders. Experiencing work on these areas will instantly elevate any and every facial and massage experience.

Hands-Free Fusion Massage

Therapists learn to work smarter, not harder with Hands-Free Fusion Massage. Save your hands, thumbs, and wrists while you explore, dance, and massage with forearms, soft fists and knuckles. Highly requested massage techniques inspired from multiple disciplines (like Lomi Lomi, Esalen, Ayurveda, Chinese, Sports and Thai Massage) are practiced to WOW the clients.

Medical/Injury Massage

(each of the below are a single day class–some topics may be combined)

Arm, Shoulder, Wrist and Hand Therapy

A 3-dimensional review of the anatomy and contributing factors for Shoulder Bursitis/Tendonosis, Golfer's/Tennis Elbow, Carpal Tunnel, Rotator Cuff syndrome, and Thoracic Outlet are presented. Therapists practice hours of highly effective techniques that are easy to integrate into any session and relieve shoulder pain.

Arthritis & Inflammatory Conditions

This course is designed to educate therapists on the most common forms of arthritis, it's contributing factors, contraindications, and practice safe and effective techniques to benefit clients with arthritis. We’ll also explore why different types of inflammatory or autoimmune conditions (like fibromyalgia or rheumatoid arthritis) “flare up” and how can we avoid flare ups.

Foot & Leg Therapy

A 3-dimensional review of the anatomy and contributing factors for Knee Pain, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Chronic Ankle Instability, and Plantar Fasciitis. Therapists practice hours of highly effective techniques that are easy to integrate into any session and relieve lower body pain.

Low Back & Hip Therapy

A 3-dimensional review of the anatomy and contributing factors of Low Back & Hip Pain, Disc & Facet Joint Injuries, and True and Pseudo-Sciatica. Therapists practice hours of highly effective techniques that are easy to integrate into any session and relieve low back and hip pain.

Lymphatic Drainage

Learn how the body’s lymphatic system (aka the body’s waste management system) can be optimized for enhanced immunity, healing, and detoxification. Discover the anatomy of the body’s “watersheds” and apply the pressure and directional approaches to facilitate lymphatic drainage.

Neck, TMJD, & Tension Headaches Therapy

A 3-dimensional review of the anatomy and contributing factors of neck pain, whiplash, forward head position, TMJD, and tension headaches. Therapists practice hours of highly effective techniques that are easy to integrate into any session and relieve neck, jaw, and headache pain.

Oncology Massage & Lymphatic Drainage

Therapists are educated on the most current scientific research for safe and effective hands-on approaches for clients living with Cancer. The side effects of cancer treatments, such as medications, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation and the ability to modify massage techniques in order to adapt for these side effects.

Post-Surgical Massage

What’s the difference between a bulging- or herniated disc? How about Spondylitis, Spondylosis and Scoliosis? How can massage therapy safely rehab or pre-hab sports-related and other injuries like strains, sprains, tendonosis and bursitis? And, what are the unique accommodations we need to provide for clients healing post-op from a spinal fusion, new hip or knee replacement, pace maker and more?

Releasing 8 Major Structures

Discover the skeleton keys to unlock and relieve chronic pain by systematically releasing the body’s major joints and return the body back to balance. Combining fascial reorganization with passive and active movements and stretches will create lasting positive benefits.

The Science of Posture

Explore which muscles and structures most influence posture, and practice everyday movements and massage techniques that enhance strength, flexibility, and balance.

Reflexology Modalities

Asian Reflexology

We highlight reflexive therapies from Thailand, India, China and Japan in this 90-minute protocol just for the feet and legs. Therapists learn the best techniques to stretch and massage energy lines and therapy points to ground, clear the mind, and relieve foot and leg pain.

Global Reflexology

This seminar builds therapists’ skill set to include a fabulous foot massage in every session. Based on traditions of both the East and West, therapists will learn additional techniques and reflex points to address specific needs of each client within a full body massage or as a standalone Reflexology treatment.

Thai Reflexology with the Bamboo Stick

Therapists are introduced to Thai meridians, therapy points, and stretches to address the hands, feet, face, and legs with a 90-minute protocol, as well as how to incorporate the wooden Thai Reflexology stick to save therapists' hands.

Thumb’s-Free Reflexology

Therapist practice replace the thumbs with their knuckles, soft fists, forearms and other advanced tools to perform Foot Reflexology. Range of Motion, Stretching, and Relaxation techniques are also practice to minimize the stress on therapists' hands, wrists, and thumbs when working on the feet.

Thank you for considering Living Metta for your therapist training!