No Regrets

Have you ever woken up thinking about something you have to do or something about a relationship comes to mind? Or, have you ever tried falling asleep and the last thing on your mind is that event or person? Then, according to the Foundation of Conscious Living, you may have an incompletion.” 

For me, incompletions exhibit themselves in my body intelligence as unresolved feelings, pain or tension, twinges in my belly, and feelings of embarrassment or regret. I experience having an incompletion as uncomfortable, draining, and a huge distraction.

Today, I was noticing what felt like a never ending “to do” list, and I committed to creating resolution! I looked at my list and began to appreciate that most of the things I wanted to complete are easily completable and some others may take time. So, I got to it.  First the phone calls that needed to be returned, papers that needed to be filed, mailed or filled out. Then I fixed my water filter, planted the flowers and made a goodwill drop off. I also, finally got off my chest what I have been meaning to say to an old friend. Ahhhhh…what a relief!

Creating completions feels good. I learned that I love checking stuff off my list and so enjoying new space and time available to me for new or evolving friendships and ideas to emerge.

Now that I have made the commitment to be complete (and often, I need to recommit over and over), I regularly feel more energized, clarity about what I want, and a lot less pain and tension in my body. I wake up feeling rested and ready for what magic the days beholds!  I am now living more often in completion with my work, house stuff, and my relationships.

I commit to living a life of no regrets. I commit to living a life of completions.

As I connect to the feeling of a life of completions I notice myself breathing more deeply. My shoulders relax down and back, and my heart opens at the same time. I can feel a smile widen across my face. I wonder how you feel about experiencing a life of completions…

Creating completions is one way I practice feeling accomplished and happy. Do you have any incompletions that you are willing to resolve? When can you make your first completion? What’s the easiest, simplest and more pleasurable first action step you can make to begin your life of completion?

– Blog Complete 😉

“The secret to living the life of your dreams is to start living the life of your dreams today, in every little way you possibly can.” –Mike Dooley