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The Letting-Go Breath

Though breathing is usually run by our unconscious autopilot, when we assume the driver’s seat and consciously shift our breath, we recalibrate our attention and inspire more energy to get where we want to go. Our breathing responds and adjusts according to the thoughts we are thinking, the feelings and body signals we are sensing,

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Embodied Cognition

Embodied cognition  is the idea that “the relationship between our mind and body runs both ways, meaning our mind influences the way our body reacts, and the form of our body also triggers our mind.” Embodied cognition redefines the interrelated role of our brain and body. The brain, while important, is not the only resource we have available to us to generate behavior and

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Choosing Loving Kindness

Loving kindness is a lifestyle choice. Choosing to be friendly to you and being friendly to others is a choice. Every day, we make hundreds and sometimes thousands of choices that help create a reality we enjoy and/or complain about. Although knowledge and wisdom are related, they are not synonymous. In our living laboratories of

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The Integrity Experiment

Lately, Heath and I have been focusing our attention on our own integrity. Specifically we are wondering, what is integrity and what are the skills we can use to put integrity in action? We love the definition of integrity as experiencing our own wholeness. When we embody our wholeness nothing is missing, nothing needs to

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Mastering Transformation

  As we practice getting more willing to give loving attention to ourselves, we’ve become more adept at mastering commitment. An agreement is something made between one or more people. A commitment is an agreement we make with ourselves. Commitment simply means to gather together and take action. Many people, however, associate commitment with a

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