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Loving Attention

We now experience more aliveness and positivity than at any point in our lives! And we’re excited to share the most effective practices we’ve discovered to consciously move your body, breath and attention to reliably cultivate a practice and life of ease and flow. We experience and define self-care as giving loving attention to ourself. And

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My relationship to and with myself is changing and evolving into a new way of being. I notice the changes I am experiencing are emerging from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. They are happening “endogenously” (created from inside) rather than “exogenously” (externally created). And, there is a different quality of feeling

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Create More of What You Want

After reading and still reading The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment, I am inspired to play with expansion and contraction. Alternating between contraction and expansion as I dance, as I work, and in my relationships with friends and family. What does it feel like in my body when I’m  expanding and when I’m contracting? And

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Storytelling: How do You Author Your Life?

It’s my experience that great storytellers are artful, creative and imaginative. My favorite books are filled with masterful expressions of events and resound a magnetic symphony of words. Stories are an essential way we connect, share history and create possibilities. There are a myriad of ways to tell a story. They can begin at the

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No Regrets

Have you ever woken up thinking about something you have to do or something about a relationship comes to mind? Or, have you ever tried falling asleep and the last thing on your mind is that event or person? Then, according to the Foundation of Conscious Living, you may have an incompletion.”  For me, incompletions

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