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About Nicole

ABOUT NICOLE ERRICO REED Nicole Reed earned an Organizational Communications degree and later graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy. Nicole combines her enthusiasm for bodywork with her extensive experience clearly and humorously articulating the healing arts. She instructed Basic and Advanced Massage Therapy, Craniosacral, Shiatsu and Client-Centered Bodywork at the Arizona School of

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About Heath

ABOUT HEATH REED Heath Reed earned a Bachelor of Psychology, went on to graduate from the Utah College of Massage Therapy’s Clinical Program, and began focusing on Medical Massage in hospital, clinical and wellness center settings. Heath is as passionate about energy work as he is about medical massage and was on the faculty of

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Moving Into Essence

When is the last time you remember experiencing moving at your own natural pace without feeling rushed? What would it feel like to move at the pace of your essence? When do you feel your most natural self? Time urgency is a constant stress that has us moving out of pace with our own essence.

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It’s A Wrap

I am wrapping things up…literally, physically, mentally and emotionally. Not only am I wrapping gifts to share with friends and family. I am also freeing up some bound up energy by wrapping up some old business. I am creating completions and it feels really, really good! According to the online dictionary, “to complete” something is

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The Manifesting Game

  Heath and I are having fun playing a new manifesting game And it’s super easy. Playing this new game inspired by the Foundation for Conscious Living has helped us get even more clear about what we want, why we want it and how it would feel if we had it. Perhaps you and a

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