Wondering Into Presence

Lately curiosity and wonder have been playful parts of my personal practice of “presencing”. Placing a new priority on wonder and curiosity is changing me. It is changing my experience of the world. I notice shifting my attention to wonder questions like “I wonder how” or ‘I wonder what “, shifts me from feeling stuck, worried, tired, scared, irritated or bored into feeling possibilities, flow, creative expression, expansiveness, and light hearted.

I feel like I am growing a new muscle! Like any new muscle the first few times flexing it felt weird, a little goofy and felt like work. As I practice more and more connecting to my new wonder muscle, it’s slowly becoming a little more natural and easy to access.

Audrey Hazekemp says that accessing wonder “fuels evolution”. Wonder has the potential to propel us from the predictable to possibility. We recently heard a definition of positivity as an active willingness to favor possibility. Cynics and pessimists focus on what’s not possible. Favoring what is possible creates the opening for incalculable solutions, random connections and delightful surprises. Juicy!!

I am having so much fun and I want to share my fun with you. (Warning: You are entering the unknown) Are you are willing to favor possibility over predictability? Are you willing to ask questions that may not have a direct answer? Are you willing to favor wonder over worry? Notice how your body is responding to these questions?? What do you feel as you become willing? hmmmmm….

“Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”~ Walt Disney

Want to try wonder on for yourself?? Experiment. Start by floating one of the below wonder questions around you throughout the day. Perhaps write it down, use it as reminder on your phone, or repeat it to yourself in way you can access it whenever you remember. (Perhaps choose one per day for a week, and notice what emerges.)

Wonder Questions for a Week

  • I wonder what magic will unfold today, next, now?
  • I wonder what will nourish my body right now?
  • I wonder what I want?
  • I wonder how I can experience myself as my ally?
  • I wonder how easy this can be?
  • I wonder how this is in service of my evolution?
  • I wonder what part of my body feels most alive?
  • I wonder how much laughter I can infuse into my day?

“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.” ~William Samuel Johnson

Experience the Wonder Powers of Audrey Hazekamp in her Wonder Craft Series online… it will expand your Wonder Powers!!  Thank you Audrey…you inspire and enliven!!