Loving Attention

We now experience more aliveness and positivity than at any point in our lives! And we’re excited to share the most effective practices we’ve discovered to consciously move your body, breath and attention to reliably cultivate a practice and life of ease and flow.
We experience and define self-care as giving loving attention to ourself. And when we expand our capacity to receive loving attention, we expand our capacity to share loving attention. For us, self-care is not simply an action, but a lifestyle that continues to evolve over time. Giving ourselves loving attention is unique to everyone and can range from receiving bodywork or exercising to enjoying a leisurely cup of tea or taking a walk with your dog.
What is your definition of  self care? How do you give yourself loving attention?
What experiences awaken your happiness and nourish every cell in your body?

For much of our life, giving regular and reliable loving attention to ourselves was not in our personal practice. Sure we “knew” self-care was a good idea, but for several reasons we weren’t practicing self-care regularly enough to avoid being in pain. We now interpret feeling pain or distress as clear indications from our intelligent bodies that we are not taking as good care of ourselves as possible.

And every day that we recommit to our self-care practice, we are choosing to grow our capacity to give and receive loving attention. Daily we establish a resonate frequency of feel good vibrations, which our clients are more apt to synchronize with and be elevated by. We have come to rely on our daily self-care practice as an essential nutrient (like air or water) to our success. It is paramount to creating a resilient and thriving massage practice, otherwise, we fall into the trap of “giving until it hurts”.

Here is one of many favorite self care practices:

Ten Minute Power Pause

Refresh and refuel yourself with ten minutes of non-doing on a regular basis. There’s no agenda for these ten minutes. Set a timer for ten minutes and until the timer goes off, meditate, nap, or just give your body and mind an opportunity to pause. We feel amazing after giving ourselves the gift of ten minutes of non-doing. But don’t believe us…try it out for yourself. This non-doing practice is one of the most productive things we do,  it assists in creating smooth transitions from work to play, from feeling stuck to feeling creative, from drama to connection. Enjoy! 

“When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”