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My relationship to and with myself is changing and evolving into a new way of being.

I notice the changes I am experiencing are emerging from the inside out, rather than from the outside in. They are happening “endogenously” (created from inside) rather than “exogenously” (externally created). And, there is a different quality of feeling to the changes I am experiencing. I attribute my new emergence and evolution to my daily practice of presencing. I feel myself humming, breathing and connected.

Presencing, so beautifully modeled and expressed by my mentor Katie Hendricks, is activated by: turning towards, open posture and easy breathing.

I am practicing this now, even as I type these letters, I can feel how my body (Mass) and my thoughts and feelings (Energy) are interconnecting and impacting my whole being (Space). I feel myself relaxed, warmer and open to what is.

There are many ways to presence and I have found these three easy steps as a reliable resource to connect and express what is true for me.  As I practice these tools I no longer leave a conversation feeling incomplete and wishing I had said something else or different. I also feel by my simple act of presencing, my own emotions don’t get cut off, pushed aside or postponed. I get to be with myself in a whole new way. 

To watch more on presencing click here!

“Turning towards” is exactly that. It is the practice of facing a powerful feeling, or standing in alignment with a friend, client or family member when they are speaking (even if you totally disagree with them). It is the act of giving attention, your most valuable resource, to what is or who is with you (including yourself).

“Open posture” is letting go of resistance in your body. For example; Unfolding your arms, uncrossing your legs and releasing your jaw as you consciously listen to what is being said and what’s expressed in the body. Often our bodies are sharing messages long before our mind is understanding.

And finally, “Easy breathing”. Ahhhhh… Noticing your breath and allowing for a natural flow of your breath to circulate is a powerful way to engage your awareness and slow your thoughts. “Breath is the fuel for the mind! “ -Nithyananda Sangha.  When your breath slows, so does the number of your thoughts, and the more response-Able you become.

Presencing is a practice and a way to be with what is and to make room for whatever wants to be expressed without judgement. I commit and recommit over and over to presencing the waves of my emotions and to fully express what I am feeling. Practice presencing now. As you finish reading this article notice your breathing, feel your body and what feelings are coming up for you…now express. What words, movements or sounds, nourish and delight you most? And give that to yourself…Give yourself the gift of your presence. 

“Energy is Eternal Delight” ~ William Blake

6 thoughts on “Presencing

  1. I really love this Presencing article. There are some days I really take the time to ground and centered and I feel this loving warm joyful happiness. I do really well with cluem5s when I do this during massage.
    then there are some days I feel off but I work at presencing and work at breathing and finding myself remembering to send living kindness. Sometimes its the client or something happened to me that cauaed me to be uncomfortable. Whatever it is, I love relearning an just a thought of take a moment to feel good,again and get ba k to that loving presense. Everything changes.

    1. Sounds like you are creating a most lovely practice. I appreciate your commitment and re-commitment to feeling good and to including yourself in every session. Big Love and Smiles, Nicole

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