Grow Your Body Intelligence Now!

There is IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient) now there is BQ (body quotient). Body Intelligence includes the ability to becoming increasingly aware of the body and respond to the bodies messages. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us. It has been my experience that most people who get on my table have little to no idea what they are experiencing in their body and/or have a limited vocabulary to express what is happening in their body. Sensations, feelings and emotions often time go unnoticed, shelved for later, ignored totally and seen as unimportant. We treat the body like it’s a machine that either functions or it does not. It fails us, betrays and limits us. The body is often a source of discontent, criticism and shame. Thomas Edison once said “the chief function of the body is to carry the brain around”

As bodyworkers we can create a body shift. We can become willing to see the body and all the messages being communicated as valuable. We can choose to see our bodies as a viable consort that includes acknowledging all feelings and inner experiences. We can become genius at hearing the messages being communicated to ourselves and from our clients.

One way to get clear with your body messages is to embody and practice feeling how you experience Yes and No. What are the body sensations related to and often time experienced when we are making decisions.

For a moment sit or stand in any way that feels good to you. And begin to list out loud or silently all the Yes moments and choices you have made so far that you can remember.

For example: Yes to that cup of tea. Yes to spending time chatting with a friend. Yes to watching your child be in an event. Yes to that car.  Yes to that smell. And so on…

As you allow your Yes’s to roll over you, notice how you experience Yes in your body. What body sensations come alive, or get turned on? How does your breath respond? What feelings emerge?

Write down your body messages in a free flowing style and  Avoid editing yourself.

For example: you may notice warmth rising up into your chest. A fluttery feeling in your belly. The breath may get short. Your head may tilt one way or another. Etc…

Shake it off and start again. This time list all the No’s. and write down all the sensations, feelings and experiences your body has when you list and experience saying No over and over again. What are your body cues when you say No? 

This time you may notice your jaw clench, a tightness indoor shoulders. Your feet may feel stuck. Your breathe may get heavy.

You are now growing your Body Intelligence!!

Continue to grow your body intelligence. Spend the day practicing your full body yes’s and no’s. Practice at the grocery store, the next time you’re deciding what you want to eat, the next time you’re get dressed. Have fun building and expanding your capacity to open to and listen to your body cues.

“The power of my impact in my world is directly related to my ability to say No.” ~ Gay Hendricks

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