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The Integrity Experiment

Lately, Heath and I have been focusing our attention on our own integrity. Specifically we are wondering, what is integrity and what are the skills we can use to put integrity in action?

We love the definition of integrity as experiencing our own wholeness.

When we embody our wholeness nothing is missing, nothing needs to be fixed, and nothing needs to be changed. To me, this feels relieving and creates an easy opening in my heart that continues to expand outward and upward. Try on the feeling of wholeness…What does wholeness feel like in your body? What would it feel like if there was nothing for you to fix?

Feeling my own wholeness throughout the day is a practice that requires regularly my sensitive attention. This runs contrary to my past practice of perceiving myself and the people and events around me as needing my help, being out of place or in need of some adjusting. In my new, current practice I am developing a new muscle—an integrity muscle.

As a result of regularly building my integrity muscle and relating from wholeness, I notice I generate a lot more free time and I feel more energized! I am no longer busy trying to fix people or things that can’t, won’t or don’t want to be changed. Instead I am connecting with friends, family, and people I work with from a new space: a spaciousness that feels creative, fun and collaborative! I also have more time for myself to do more of what I want. Experiencing my own integrity and wholeness is delicious and I invite you to practice with me.

Would you be willing to use your life’s experience as a living laboratory and grow your own experience of integrity and wholeness? If so, here’s your first experiment:

Integrity Experiment 1:  Move through your day seeing everything and everyone around you in their wholeness. Begin to consider and see that there is nothing for you to change or fix. That perhaps everything and everyone is as we are supposed to be. Do your best to not fix anyone, any situation, and to not help without being asked.

This experiment continues to challenge me, especially if I or a client is in pain. What if the pain was nothing I need to fix, but rather something that I can help improve, face,  accept and possibly make friends with. Instead how can I be with pain in my body and my clients body as I would be with my closest friend. How would that change your relationship with your clients and change your relationship with pain?

Advanced Integrity Experiment 2: Move through your day seeing yourself as whole and lacking nothing. Do your best to not fix yourself or your life. Begin to practice a judgement free, criticism free, and blame free life. Instead of feeling like you are having the wrong experience you could start to see yourself as creating the right experience. Choose to appreciate and accept yourself as whole, complete and resourceful. Walk around resonating your wholeness and notice what you choose, how you feel and how you respond to all the stuff happening in your life.

Choosing to live your life like a living laboratory by trying on new ways of being, and making new choices that challenge old ways of thinking, seeing and being is an advanced move. Finding out what works for you by experimenting is the process of becoming the conscious creator of your life!

“Healing is the return of the memory of wholeness. Healing, health, whole and holy all mean inclusiveness. Body, mind, spirit, environment, relationships, social interactions are all one wholeness, and you’re a part of that one wholeness.”

~Deepak Chopra

2 thoughts on “The Integrity Experiment

  1. I recently put Experiment 1 into practice with a 90 year old home bound neighbor I met a year ago thru an ad for a dog walker. She is recently widowed, has no children, and other family is out of state. I voluntarily spent a year trying to make her life more whole by overextending my time and energy toward her well being providing daily companionship and addressing health issues with her and the dog as if it were my civic and spiritual duty. Over time, my efforts greatly depleted my wholeness as she relied more and more on my charity.
    Resentment was building and I looked forward to a scheduled 9 day vacation. I was concerned how she and the dog would manage over the 9 days I was absent and left her refrigerator well stocked. Once I was away. and let go of the responsibility of her well being and concentrated on my own, I was not going back to “the way we were”. She had initially only asked me to walk the dog, nothing more.
    Two weeks post vacation, I walk the dog and will do additional tasks only if she asks. It appears both of us are happier to have our individual lives back and a healthy “arms length” relationship remains! The experiment worked!!

    1. Beautiful! You are integrity in action. I so appreciate you trying on your integrity in a whole new way and now reaping the benefits of a healthier relationship. I feel warm happiness circulating from my heart out into my arms and fingers. Thank you for sharing! <3 Nicole

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