Thai Reflexology with the Wooden Stick, 5CEs, $45


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Discover how to use the ancient healing tool of the Thai reflexology wooden stick—to enhance yours and others’ full body wellness! Get curious as we introduce you to the Thai meridians (energy channels) and Thai therapy points. And together, practice Thai inspired stretches, reflexology approaches, and methods of applying the deepest pressure gently with the wooden stick. Most techniques are focused on the foot reflexes, plus learn how to addressing therapy points on the face and hands.

All of our massage CE courses are NCBTMB approved (Provider #330232) and can be used to fulfill NCBTMB, AMTA and ABMP as well as most state massage therapy continuing education requirements

If you are a massage therapist, or anyone who uses their hands a lot, you’ll the love the ability to work smarter, not harder by discovering how to utilize the stick as an extension of your own hands and thumbs. These Thai Reflexology techniques can be done in a standalone therapy session, or can be an extra added bonus feature to complement other forms of healing and self-care. Best of all, you get to grow, discover, and refuel from the comfort of your own home while earning 5CEs.

Class Organization

  • Explore several hours of video footage from Heath and Nicole’s upbeat and lively classes, presented in small digestible vignettes.
  • A downloadable instructional manual is also provided so you can follow along with the video lessons.
  • After you complete viewing the course content, you can pass the 20-question, multiple-choice quiz to receive your personalized certificate of completion, worth 5CEs (continuing education credits for massage therapists).
  • Following the class, you will also have access to this Home Study course for any future review.

Course Topics

  • History & Theory of Thai Reflexology
  • Yoga Therapy Practices to Open Your Sen (Meridians) and plantar fascia
  • Follow along with us and Practice Thai Foot Reflexology with the Wooden Stick
  • Plus extra bonus features of face, scalp, neck, hand, and wrist massage, AND options for using the stick on the hands

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Benefits of Experiencing Thai Reflexology:

  • Save your hands, wrists, fingers, and thumbs with the Thai wooden Reflexology tool
  • Heal Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic Ankle Instability, and even Knee pain using potent Thai Therapy Points
  • Incorporate fun and refreshing stretches for the toes, feet, ankles, and legs to liven up your practice
  • Create a full body mind healing experience by activating the foot reflexes
  • Descend the energy into the soles to still the mind and calm the heart

Home Study Tuition Includes

  • Digital copy of Thai Reflexology instructional manual
  • Almost 5 hours of video instruction
  • 5 State- and Nationally approved-CEs (NY and FL LMTS must notify us to manually input there completed CEs)
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Lifetime access to review this Home Study course


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