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MTs and RYIs earn up to 32 CEs from Home Study Library, 20% Discount on Upcoming CE Webinars, Webinar Library, Seasonal At-Home Retreats, Monthly Live Meet-ups with Heath and Nicole, and All Access 50+ Videos On Demand.
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Join our virtual community where we bridge the science with the senses so you can heal, grow, and embrace a loving kindness lifestyle alongside others.

Living Metta Certifications

The balance of soulful presence, playfulness, professionalism, and experiential learning opportunities was amazing and rich. I am truly grateful for such pure reflections of living metta on my journey right now as I deepen my embodiment through this global opportunity to pause and realize what a gift it is to be alive in this “living laboratory”

Bradley Burak,

Licensed Massage Therapist

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Each Membership includes over 50 hours of self care, massage, bodywork, medical qigong, and yoga therapy instruction.


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Metta Community and Metta Community Pro members enjoy access to our extensive and ever-expanding library of touch and movement therapy webinars. And each month, MC and MC Pro members are invited to connect live with Heath & Nicole for more tools to embrace a loving kindness lifestyle.

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Metta Community and Metta Community Pro members also enjoy access to our growing Home Study Library. Massage therapists and Registered Yoga Instructors who are Pro members can earn up to 32CEs by successfully completing these self-paced training courses from home.

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Upcoming Metta Community Webinars

2021 Metta Monthly Calendar



Manifestation Toolkit

Date: January 11th & 25th



Thai Yoga Massage & Partner Yoga

Date: February 14th & 28th



Spring Equinox At-Home Retreat

Date: March 19th-20th



Friendly Cleansing

Date: April 10 & 24th



Heal Your Low Back in 14 Days

Date: May 8th, 15th, 22nd



Summer Solstice At-Home Retreat (3CEs)

Date: June 18th-19th



How to Mend a Broken Heart & Emotional Resilience (2CEs)

Date: TBD



Heal Your Shoulders In 14 Days

Date: Aug 14th, 21st, & 28th



Autumn Equinox At-Home Retreat (3CEs)

Date:Sept 21st-22nd



5-Day Immunity Boost

Date: TBD



Heal Your Neck in 14 days

Date: TBD



Self Care IS Healthcare: Winter Solstice At-Home Retreat (3CEs)

Date: Dec 20th-21st

Frequently Asked Questions

Metta Monthly is a monthly 2-hour online meetup, discussing a new topic each month. This is a chance and opportunity to meet live, virtually, with Heath and Nicole, and the rest of the Living Metta community!

These live sessions are virtually led by Heath and Nicole, and are completed once per quarter. These cover many topics ranging from QiGong related to the season, breathing practices, seasonal food preparation, and more.

We offer a comprehensive membership portal that gives you access to all of the offerings your tier includes. For Pro level subscribers, that includes the CE (Continuing Education) credits as well. Our membership portal is also where you’ll find the zoom links for our live events, like Metta Monthly.

  • Living Metta is approved as a continuing education provider for the National Certification of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB), as well as being approved CE providers by the Yoga Alliance.
  • For licensed massage therapists (LMTs), once you complete the home study course, and pass the exit exam with a 70% or higher passing grade, you’ll receive a certificate electronically. Those who attend live webinar or in-person courses receive their CEs within 5-7 business days. Check out what your state board massage license renewal guidelines are here:
  • For registered yoga instructors (RYIs), you’ll receive your CE credit hours by visiting the Yoga Alliance portal at

No commitment for any tiers other than our Pro Tier, which requires a 6 month investment.

  • Our webinars are live classes you can attend from anywhere you have internet access. Most participants use a larger digital screen (like on a desktop monitor or laptop) so they can see the demonstrations and slides better, but you could use any wifi capable device, like a tablet or even your phone to participate. Once you register, you will be given instructions for creating a unique access code through our webinar platform, “Zoom”. You’ll then use this unique access code to join in live for the scheduled webinar.
  • During the live webinar, we review the topic matter from a scientific perspective with a slideshow and lecture and balance that with plenty of application and practice time. Following the live course, you’ll receive access to a recording of the entire live webinar for lifetime review, as well as your CE certificate (this occurs within 5-7 business days following the live course).

We work hard and are intentional about all people of all ability and experience levels being able to experience our content. It’s really important for us that you feel comfortable, whether this is your first yoga class or your hundredth. Everyone is welcome at Living Metta.

There is no professional massage experience needed to be able to take advantage of our videos and classes on massage therapy. We utilize simple and effective techniques that you can use whether or not you’re a Licensed Massage Therapist.

  • You can complete the touch therapy sessions and protocols with yourself! You can also do them with/for a partner if you choose, but it’s not necessary.
  • For the continuing education (CE) credits for LMTs (Licensed Massage Therapists), we recommend having someone on your table on whom you can practice as you learn.

Medical QiGong is oriented toward resolving specific challenges in the body, like a sore shoulder or carpal tunnel. Medical QiGong is a therapeutic intervention meant to support something misaligned or dis-eased in the body. This is in contrast to non-medical QiGong, which focuses on overall wellbeing and the entire body being in balance. Through both medical and overall QiGong, we use specific movements, breathing, and focus practices to bring our body into harmony with nature.

QiGong is an energetic and movement based healing modality that uses the body’s meridian system. The meridian system is a scientifically validated network that can be enhanced and upgraded with intentional interventions. Meridians connect organs to your flesh. By moving in certain, specific ways, we can help the body become more efficient and balanced, the mind clearer, and the heart calmer.

We offer breathwork in metta monthly events and we also have standalone breathwork classes.

Most of our meditations are guided, with an emphasis on an active practice portion.

Anyone can focus on their breathing in a yoga class or at an ashram. We want to help you be able to tap into your breath during red lights, when your kids are screaming, or when you’re in a high-stress meeting in a boardroom. We want to help you be able to center and balance yourself while being human.

Join our loving kindness community today.