Thai Yoga Massage

Table Thai Yoga Massage

[nivoslider id=”1629″] Experience hours of facilitated stretching using diverse tools like elbows and feet. You will be able to perform a full body Table Thai Yoga Massage or be able to integrate these stretches into any massage session. Table Thai Yoga Massage techniques: Relieve common aches, like Neck, Shoulder, Leg, Hip, & Low Back Pain …

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Thai Sports Massage

[nivoslider id=”1740″] Practice “Fearless draping” to add deep and powerful stretches in your full-body massages, or become able to practice a full body Thai Sports Massage to help alleviate common sports-related aches and pains. Benefits of Experiencing Thai Oil Massage: Athletes and sedentary clients receive incredible relief from low back, hip, shoulders, and other common …

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Thai Reflexology

[nivoslider id=”1561″] Therapists are introduced to Thai meridians, therapy points, and stretches to address the hands, feet, face, and legs with a 90-minute protocol, as well as how to incorporate the wooden Thai Reflexology stick to save therapists’ hands. Benefits of Experiencing Thai Reflexology: Save your hands, wrists, fingers, and thumbs with the Thai Bamboo …

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