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Thai Reflexology

Thai Reflexology

Therapists are introduced to Thai meridians, therapy points, and stretches to address the hands, feet, face, and legs with a 90-minute protocol, as well as how to incorporate the wooden Thai Reflexology stick to save therapists’ hands.

Benefits of Experiencing Thai Reflexology:

  • Save your hands, wrists, fingers, and thumbs with the Thai Bamboo Reflexology tool
  • Heal Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic Ankle Instability, and even Knee pain using potent Thai Therapy Points
  • Incorporate fun and refreshing stretches for the toes, feet, ankles, and legs to liven up your practice
  • Descend the energy into the soles to still the mind and calm the heart
Integrative Reflexology

Integrative Reflexology

This seminar builds therapists’ skill set to include a fabulous foot massage in every session. Based on traditions of East and West, therapists will learn additional techniques and reflex points to address specific needs of each client within a full body massage or as a standalone Reflexology treatment.

Benefits of Reflexology

  • Non-invasive
  • Relaxing and serves as preventative healthcare
  • Increases circulation of blood and lymph
  • Efficiently addresses all the systems of the body and encourages a return to homeostasis
  • Encourages detoxification
  • Very grounding and helps calm the mind
Asian Reflexology

Asian Reflexology

We highlight reflexive therapies from Thailand, India, China and Japan in this 90-minute protocol just for the feet and legs. Therapists learn the best techniques to stretch and massage energy lines and therapy points to ground, clear the mind, and relieve foot and leg pain.

Benefits of Experiencing Asian Reflexology:

  • Descend the energy down to reduce headaches, over-thinking, over worrying, and insomnia
  • Prevent health problems before they arise
  • Balance overall meridian flow of Chi
  • Relax the fascia and structures of the foot to create a strong and limber foundation for the entire body
  • Harness the power and ease of working with knuckles and stretching techniques to minimize repetitive thumb and finger work