Thai Reflexology

[nivoslider id=”1561″] Therapists are introduced to Thai meridians, therapy points, and stretches to address the hands, feet, face, and legs with a 90-minute protocol, as well as how to incorporate the wooden Thai Reflexology stick to save therapists’ hands. Benefits of Experiencing Thai Reflexology: Save your hands, wrists, fingers, and thumbs with the Thai Bamboo …

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Integrative Reflexology

[nivoslider id=”1771″] This seminar builds therapists’ skill set to include a fabulous foot massage in every session. Based on traditions of East and West, therapists will learn additional techniques and reflex points to address specific needs of each client within a full body massage or as a standalone Reflexology treatment. Benefits of Reflexology Non-invasive Relaxing and …

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Asian Reflexology

[nivoslider id=”1791″] We highlight reflexive therapies from Thailand, India, China and Japan in this 90-minute protocol just for the feet and legs. Therapists learn the best techniques to stretch and massage energy lines and therapy points to ground, clear the mind, and relieve foot and leg pain. Benefits of Experiencing Asian Reflexology: Descend the energy …

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