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The Small Intestines, one of the organ pairs related to the season of summer that could use some care right about now according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Together with the large intestine and the stomach it forms the gastrointestinal tract. In living humans, the small intestine alone measures around  23 feet. The proper functioning of the small intestine is key to our nourishment because the only nutrients we can actually use are those which we digest and assimilate through it. Give one or all of the below a try if your digestion is sluggish, or moving to loosely, and/or  you feel bloated and gassy.

The small intestines  responds well to digestive breaks; a day of just juice or a few days off from meat, dairy, sugar  and other mucus forming foods. The small intestines can be tonified when we make good food combinations like: equal parts rice, lentils,  and sunflower seeds. It also responds well to a little outside help in the form of abdominal massage. I found this mini massage protocol @tummytemple and I feel it’s a must share. Try it out to feel a happy belly and a smiling small intestine.

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