Thai Foot Reflexology with Wooden Stick – Live Workshop & Home Study – 9CEs


This is a Combined 4 Hour Live CE Workshop + 5 Hour Home Study CE Course

Choose to attend the 4 hour live portion of this course *In-Person* or as a *Live Webinar*
Wednesday, June 12, 2024
9am-1pm AZ/PT, 10am-2pm MT, 11am-3pm CT, 12-4pm ET
in Tempe, AZ at the Advanced Massage Arts & Education Center

There’s no mistake the bottoms of our feet are called the “soles.” The microcosm of the feet reflects the macrocosm of our entire body and being! Massage, stretch, and give the feet the joy of the Thai wooden stick!! We teach the pro tips for allowing the Thai wooden stick to become an extension of your hands, giving you maximum power with minimal effort.

Therapists are introduced to Thai meridians, Thai therapy points, and Thai inspired stretches to address the feet and legs while incorporating the wooden Thai Reflexology stick to protect therapists’ hands. Together, explore the incredible versatility of stretching and pressing on Thai Sen (meridians) with and without the stick, to benefit the entire mind, body, & heart!

Thai Foot Reflexology Tuition Includes:
*Live 4-hour In-Person or Live Webinar attendance
*Digital copy of Thai Foot Reflexology instructional manual
*9 State- and Nationally approved-CEs (NY and FL LMTS must notify us to manually input your completed CEs)
*CE Certificate of Completion
*Lifetime access to review Thai Foot Reflexology Home Study course plus replay recording of live, hands-on workshop!

Get Your Thai Stick
*Do you have your own Thai stick? During the live course, we’ll be using the Thai Foot Reflexology wooden stick for hands-on practice. If you don’t already have a wooden stick or similar massage tool you can purchase this massage tool for under $6. You could temporarily get by with something similar to the size of a sharpie marker, but we suggest getting and practicing with the proper tool.

Logistics and Details
Following registration, you will receive a logistics email with information about how to prepare for the live webinar or in-person class and how to participate in real time. You will also be given immediate access to the 5-hour Thai Foot Reflexology Home Study portion of this course to complete in your own time. We highly recommend completing the home study prior to attending the live practice session =)

Read on for more information about Thai Reflexology or email us with any questions.

Course Topics
*History & Theory of Thai Reflexology
*Qi Gong Practices to Open Your Sen (Meridians)
*Use the Thai Stick on Yourself for Self Care
*Follow along with us and Practice Thai Foot Reflexology with the Wooden Stick

Benefits of Practicing Thai Reflexology with the wooden stick:
*Save your hands, wrists, fingers, and thumbs with the Thai Bamboo Reflexology tool
*Heal Plantar Fasciitis, Chronic Ankle Instability, and even Knee pain using potent Thai Therapy Points
*Incorporate fun and refreshing stretches for the toes, feet, ankles, and legs to liven up your practice
*Descend the energy into the soles to still the mind and calm the heart


In-Person Class, Live Webinar Online


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