Practical Body Wisdom

Feminine-Body-WisdomOur bodies are constantly providing us feedback about the choices we make. Usually, we hear don’t hear that feedback until after the choice has already been made…in general we either feel good or not so good about what just happened. Are you curious to learn what some of your body cues are when you are making a decision? I know that Heath and I are very curious! It’s fun to discover what the intelligence of my body is offering up to help inform and guide me to what I want. I feel as bodyworkers we are actively listening for our clients body’s response to our touch. A good therapist can often recognize the body cues that our clients make when we use too much pressure or not enough. Imagine using that same focused listening with yourself every day to help guide you to what you want.

Recently we learned a new body cue that can help us know more of what we want, especially when it comes to food. Have you ever been out to dinner and look at the menu blankly, not knowing what you want or what you feel like eating. There have been many times when I have chosen something off the menu that sounds like a good idea until later that night I feel bloated, uncomfortable and full of regret. I have a new tool for you to experiment with and to turn your awareness on to yourself. I invite you to try this experiment on yourself the next time you are out to dinner, at the grocery store, looking in your refrigerator or rummaging through the cupboards for what you want to eat.

The next time you are wondering what you want to eat notice when you begin to salivate. Notice when your mouth waters as you think and look a what you might want. Peruse the menu, pull food out the refrigerator or pantry while you feel for what you want. Do this long enough to allow your body to inform your choice…give yourself a chance to discover what your body wants and what feels good to you. Have fun with this 🙂 You may reveal something new to your palate and may never regret another food choice. Since we started playing with this body cue game we have made some surprising choices that have been delightful.

Practice listening to your body wisdom and delight in the food you eat.


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