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Looping Your Awareness

Recently we were introduced to the practice of “looping”, and if you have been in a class with us lately you may have heard us talk about it and how to do it. It’s a practice based on the Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Program, which Heath and I are now apart of. This practice helps bring more energy and flow to any moment and relationship. It helps expand your awareness and free your attention. Looping can be done with the space around you or with a person. Whenever we consciously loop with our clients, family, friends and even with the space around us, we experience smooth shifts into expansion, alignment, and greater trust in our intuition.

To practice “looping” with the space around you: first direct you attention to yourself. Notice one thing about you; notice your breathing, a feeling in your body, your posture etc…

Now direct your attention to the space around you. Notice one thing about the room, the color of the walls, the temperature, the way the light enters the room etc…

Direct your focus back to yourself and then go outside yourself to the room around you. Oscillate your attention back and forth, out and in as often as you like. Leave judgment behind you and simply notice. Notice the feelings that arise from gently shifting your attention out and in.

The practice of looping with another person is just as easy. First, notice something about yourself. Become aware of your breath, how you’re standing or holding your head. Then loop your attention out, and notice the other person’s posture, breath, where they are or are not moving, etc…

Pivot your attention from yourself to someone else. Continue shifting your awareness back and forth. Your attention going inside then outside. Consciously shift back and forth to free yourself of judgement and criticisms and instead, feel how powerful your attention is.

“It’s amazing how much how little can do”- Hugh Milne

Just by looping and oscillating your attention on something about yourself to someone or something else enhances your experience and relationships. Looping refreshes your energy, expands your consciousness, and create more opportunities for connection, support, and play.

Deepak Chopra says since “consciousness is the basis of all reality, any shift [even the smallest] in consciousness changes every aspect of our reality…Reality is created by consciousness. As consciousness evolves, different aspects of consciousness also change.”

Looping is a fun and practical way to expand awareness inside and outside. We invite you to play with consciousness and to lead from a space of inner and outer alignment. Shift your attention and create more possibilities. Oftentimes, the greatest improvements  are found when we make the smallest adjustments.

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