It’s A Wrap

I am wrapping things up…literally, physically, mentally and emotionally. Not only am I wrapping gifts to share with friends and family. I am also freeing up some bound up energy by wrapping up some old business. I am creating completions and it feels really, really good!

According to the online dictionary, “to complete” something is the same as accomplishing, achieving, fulfilling, finishing, concluding and closing. All of which, for me, feel satisfying.
And I’m noticing how completing even the most “un-important” items on my list frees up energy, creates more space and feelings of aliveness! I am finally making that dentist appointment I put off, I am finally returning that call, bringing that stuff to goodwill, and recycling all those plastic bags.
My mind is less cluttered, distracted and I no longer feel the pulling of my awareness in different directions with an ongoing unfinished “to do list”.

As I create and continue to create a list filled with all kinds of “big” and “little” incompletions my brain no longer has to sort, memorize and file. I had no idea what an energy drain holding onto all these incompletions feels like until now that I’ve liberated some of my focus. I now have more energy and feel more open to solutions, creative expression and cooperative connections. Convinced yet??

One clue you may have some unfinished business is if you find yourself avoiding someone, or something. Or maybe you notice an event, person or thing that keeps coming to mind over and over and over again. Perhaps there’s something or someone you keep “forgetting” about. Hmmm.

Together we can start next year feeling refreshed and ready for what’s new by letting go of all those projects put on the back burner, and random things to do. We have a week to complete! It may sound overwhelming or maybe you don’t know where to start. My suggestion: Start first with whatever comes to mind. Begin with what’s easy and spark the new year feeling free and celebrating completions!

My list of completions (so far):
Call the gardner and schedule yard cleanup
Make dentist appointment
Finish preparing and filling out refinance papers
Follow up on scheduling clients for massage
Schedule massage appointment for myself
Answer list of flagged emails
Clean out garden bench
Recycle clothes I haven’t worn in over a year
Create invitations to 2015 Thailand trip
Create and finish last blog post of 2015 😉

“Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.” ~Alan Cohen