Everything is Moving!

whirling galaxyFrom the cosmic whirling of galaxies to the microscopic shape-shifting of electrons transforming from waves to particles: our world is in flux! Even if we hold our breath and appear to be motionless, our heart beats, our cells are endlessly dying and being reborn in infinite chemical exchanges, and let’s face it: every second we’re alive we move closer to death. Dr. Ida Rolf, wisely posited that

“Movement is the Physical Acceptance of Change.”

   The body reflects movement in its capacity to change and heal. Scientific studies show that 98% of our atoms are replaced annually. Our stomach lining recreates itself every 5 days, our skin every month, and our liver cells every 6 weeks. Even though the body appears fixed, it is constantly changing and recreating itself. Nothing lasts forever…including pain.

Not only does the body change, but pain is malleable, too. Pain may be a great motivator to change (even though we feel that it doesn’t have to hurt to heal). And, what you focus on with feeling becomes real–sooner or later. Lately our focus has shifted from ” Fixing” to “Improving”. Shew-What a relief! I now have room and time to focus myself to the best of who they are…and that person is smiling. Feeling good is a journey that we share with our families, friends and clients. Daily we give ourselves permission to feel good and remember that we deserve to feel good.

Is it possible to feel good every day? If not, is it possible to feel a little better today than yesterday? It’s a great question to ask ourselves and ask our clients. Every day is an opportunity to change our relationship with pain. Simply focusing on something that feels good gains momentum and this can lead us to better feeling-thoughts and experiences. It’s worth a try…there’s nothing to lose but the pain.


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