Hands Free Therapies: Esalen Inspired

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Join us for techniques inspired by our visits to the world renowned Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. In this one-day seminar, we fuse techniques from Lomi Lomi, Thai, and more, while emphasizing techniques from Esalen massage that create length, connection, and wholeness as we gracefully dance around the table moving like the waves of the ocean.

Benefits of Hands Free Therapies: Esalen Inspired

  • Explore techniques designed to help therapists work smarter, not harder
  • Enliven your practice with different and inspiring approaches to bodywork
  • Embody being a “Sustainable Massage Therapists” as you save your hands, thumbs, and wrists by interweaving flowing soft fist, forearm, elbow and knuckle strokes

Learn more about Hands Free Therapies: Lomi Lomi Inspired

Preview Esalen Inspired bodywork



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