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It is the year of the Horse according to the Chinese calendar. This is a year of resilience, strength and hard work. It will also be a year to cultivate and practice patience.  This is a year of resilience, strength and hard work. It will also be a year to cultivate and practice patience.  As this new cycle emerges we sometimes experience great excitement and/or resistance. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a healing art that has recently re-emerged in our practice. It’s a lot like Acupressure and Shiatsu (same same but, different). You are working directly with the flow of energy in the body to create greater harmony from the inside out. We have found working with Jin Shin Jytusu points to be powerful and easy to use. You can hold these points for someone else or hold them for yourself. Imagine your hands as “jumper cables”, no strength is required and there is no need to massage (although, feel free to do so). Simply relax as you hold over the points for a few minutes until you feel an even, rhythmic non blood pulse. That is all. In addition to helping let go of the old and take up the new, these points are good for chest congestion, hip discomfort and sprained ankle. Remember as you practice any healing art to connect with your breath, rest easily in your alignment, and allow for whatever is right for you and your clients to come through.

jin shin jyutsu chart

  •  If you are supporting someone else’s clean slate, hold what are called the 9’s.  They are found at the medial border of the inferior angle of the scapula. 


  • If you are holding points on yourself you can instead hold at the thumb side crease of both elbows at the same time. These points are called the 19’s.

*Look for points 9 and 19 on the chart for greater clarification 



We wish you great luck and wealth in this new year. We live in our own way, and we share some commonalities that help us feel connected to one another and simultaneously part of something greater than ourselves.  “At the heart of each of us exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm.”- Mary Burmeister (World Leading Instructor of Jin Shin Jyutsu)

2 thoughts on “Clean Slate

  1. This is beautiful! As usual, you guys have provided exactly what I needed I needed it. My clients and I thank you very much!

  2. Thank you for this post! I felt marked results from pressure to the “19s.” I experienced a feeling of ease through my chest and a deeper sense of relaxation. You have also reinforced a technique I learned through my Zero Balancing training.

    Thanks again!

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