Choose your Space September 18, 2013

Heath and I are in the process of moving to our new home. As we look around our empty new house we realize this is a clean slate for us, a new energy  and a new beginning. We are excited to begin again and want to do so by putting our best feet forward…by consciously preparing and creating a space for us to live, laugh, and love in. It reminded us that yogi’s do that too. They say it’s important to ask ourselves, “What kind of space would I like to create?” In yogic philosophy, you can choose to create bad space, (“dukkha“) or good space: “sukha. Bad space leads to suffering and good space leads to contentment and ease in life. Originally, sukha referred to the space at the center of a well-crafted wheel. The well-crafted center of the wheel prevents the wagon or cart from wobbles and jolts while providing a smooth, easy ride. Creating good space requires us to practice steadiness in our mind, body, and heart.  In yoga, this is called “sthiram” or feeling grounded and anchored in the present moment. When we’re feeling grounded life is comfortable and easy. I like the idea of our new home sitting steady at the center of the coming and going of friends and family, at the center of celebrations and holidays, holding center for the rise and fall of life in session. It is our intention to make our home a peaceful respite, our oasis in the desert, a place where we go to rest and restore. It is with mindfulness we prepare and set good feelings in motion. The opportunity to create good space is far reaching and it can be done as  often as you think of it. As you consciously prepare for the day and do your work consider the idea of resting in your center like a well-crafted wheel to provide a good space for you, your family, and your clients. 


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