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By popular request we are sharing more our favorite music for relaxation and massage. Last month’s playlist consisted of groovy tunes for more of an upbeat, rhythmic session. This month we put together a soothing acoustic guitar playlist for the times when you’re seeking to create a mellow mood. We hope you enjoy.


 Help Yourself- Sad Brad Smith

All My Days Alexi Murdoch

Great Big Mind- Josh Ritter

Sonha Iaia- Isaias Savio

A Quiet Walk- Michael Mucklow

Nothing Lasts Forever- Brett Dennon

Butano Lullaby-Dale Miller

Acoustic Healing- Ahanu

Smiling Teardrops-Bob Stanton

Air on a G-String-guitar music songs

Roslyn- Bon Iver

Wldflowers_Tom Petty

From the Morning- Nick Drake 

Only Now- Chris Proctor

A Sweet Persimmon (december 8th)- Ottomar Liebert