A Thought Experiment

what-are-youWe create through the power of our focus. This is not a new idea, though, putting this principle into regular practice supercharges our ability to create our own reality!

What you focus on grows…And, what you focus on with feeling becomes real! When we utilize our emotional wisdom and add feeling into any recipe of manifestation, we push the fast forward button on creating our own reality. Want to try it out with a simple thought experiment?

Try this: For a moment think about something you want. A new car, bigger house, a forever partner, a vacation, more money, more clients, more time, a healing, etc. Whatever it is, think about how you will feel when you get that, and practice the feeling of that thing or someone you want.

Most of us want something because we believe it will somehow make us feel better, more relieved, provide more freedom, make life easier, make us feel happy, connected, fulfilled. In reality, though, the thing or person doesn’t provide the feeling. The feeling provides the feeling. Feelings are the bridge between the unseen and the seen.

Instead of focusing on the thing you want, imagine as though it’s here. And—this is the most important part—practice feeling the emotions associated with that accomplishment. Practice that feeling now…FEEL relieved, happy, eager. Feel yourself relaxed and smiling. Better yet, make it a daily practice and close your eyes and sit with this feeling for a few moments and a few breaths. That’s it. Practice those good feelings every time you think of what you want. Rather than relying on the external environment to provide you with a particular feeling, harness your own emotional wisdom to materialize, sustain, and reinforce the feeling that you want. Watch what happens and let me know how it goes-Happy Manifesting.


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