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In recent workshops we play music that isn’t necessarily ‘massage music’ but still creates musical environments that feel relaxing and fluid without being too intrusive. I have compiled a requested playlist of songs that  are rhythmic, super chill down tempo beats.  You may want to include some of these songs to create your own groovy massage experience or simply play for your own enjoyment.  I would also love to know what non-traditional  massage music you are rhythmically moving to, so please share. Scroll over each  song to listen and enjoy.


1. The Cosmic Game- Thievery Corporation

2. Les Nuits-Nightmares on Wax

3. Give it Away- Zero 7

4. Under the Stars- Cantoma

5. Guru Mantra-DJ Drez

6. The Last of the West- 9 Lazy 9

7. Anchorless- De-Phazz

8. At  the River-Groove Armada

9. Go Easy- Afterlife

10. Kid for Today- Boards of Canada

11. Come-Lemonjelly

12.  Don’t Look Back- Bliss