Thai Yoga Massage Techniques You Can Use Now!

Pillow CobraOur Thai Yoga Massage practice is inspired by our studies in Thailand and our experience in Yoga Therapy. For decades Traditional Thai Massage and Yoga have demonstrated to us that the more we move the better we feel!

Ida Rolf said, “Movement is the physical acceptance of change” and Thai Yoga Massage explores and enhances movement more than any modality we’ve experienced. “Use it or lose it” speaks to the misery of non-movement. Whereas moving with ease and grace helps us feel aligned and powerfully alive! Thai Yoga Massage enhances our most natural movements, and provides the possibility for even greater mobility. Clients leave their session saying they feel “longer”, “taller”, “more open”, “more grounded”, and “relieved”. Ahhhhhhh…

The benefits of Thai Yoga Massage don’t end after the session is over. Most our clients become inspired to build on the momentum of their Thai Yoga Massage experience and begin exploring more ways to sustain the range of motion and flexibility gained in their session. One of our favorite aspects of practicing Thai Yoga Massage is how excited our clients become to be more actively involved in their own health and well-being!! [Read, responsible] They feel empowered by the work and what their bodies can do! They join workout programs, Yoga or Tai Chi classes—they are going on more hikes, swimming more laps, and overall experiencing greater quality of life.

Thai Yoga Massage often removes the fascial impediments and the energetic fears associated with moving. Clients then are more easily able to move beyond their past painful experiences or limitations and create more opportunity for life, flow and love for oneself! This work rebuilds trust and empathy for one’s own body that may have been lost after an injury or accident. Thai Yoga Massage is a safe way to remember just how good it feels to move with ease, grace, and flow!!

Not only do clients experience renewed freedom and mobility in their bodies—Thai Yoga Massage also encourages the therapist to experience greater movement possibilities. Do you know that Westerners move 90% less than our ancestors did just 100 years ago? Our culture is experiencing an epidemic of decreased mobility leading to an alarming increase in inflammatory conditions, heart disease, and chronic pain (link to “Sitting is the New Smoking”). The practice of Thai Yoga Massage requires the therapist to move and leverage their body mechanics in new, and exciting ways. Thai Yoga Massage is like juice for the central nervous system: a proprioceptive party ensues when we incorporate more 3-dimensional ROM and stretching in our bodywork!

At the heart of Thai Yoga Massage is the Thai word, “Metta,” meaning “loving kindness.” We apply metta when “it feels good to give and it feels good to receive” (that is, practicing loving kindness for oneself, and practicing loving kindness for our client)…We invite you to move with us and to bring more movement into your sessions. Enhance your capacity for more movement and open-hearted kindness as you practice Thai Yoga Massage techniques. These techniques may be performed on a massage table or on a mat, and you can immediately introduce these to your clients to inspire you, and to inspire them, to feel more, move more, and live more fully.

Practice and experience Thai Yoga Massage with the following resources: our YouTube channel, our Table Thai DVDs, or with our online Home Study Course in Table Thai Yoga Massage.

“Life is about moving, it’s about change. And when things stop doing that they’re dead.” – Twla Tharp


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