Shift into Alignment 

Chakra-Portal-7What are the body cues that keep us from feeling at our best, passionate, alive, connected. Often it’s our bodies that are telling us something is out of alignment, literally expressed through subluxations in the spine or as simply as feeling tired. We can see these symptoms as signals for change. Feeling less positive and energetic, less open and receptive, reactive and critical, injured or hurt is a symptom. All these symptoms are signals that something has to change in a way that encourages our alignment, happiness and wellness. There are some shifts we can make to create and maintain wholeness. I will say it’s not always easy, but I find it to be worth it every time.

Possibilities to change & shift into alignment:

~Wiggle or Shake your body

~ Lengthen your exhales

~ Walk or Move around the room

~Smile at yourself

~Squeeze a muscle in your body; nose, glutes, rhomboids

~ Think of something you know and love

Sometimes all it takes is one shift to change our mind and change our body. For me, it’s a daily practice of shifting from what I don’t want to feel, into feeling more of what I want.  It’s been said it takes 40 days to create a new habit, so why not, celebrate every opportunity you consciously make a new choice for yourself.

We invite you to change one thing you do today; change where you begin your massage session, change the route you take home, change where you eat dinner, change how you hug your favorite person, change the way you say hello. Each of us is like the thousand petal lotus; experiencing wholeness in a thousand different ways.

Nelson Mandela said “Changing one thing, changes everything.”


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