Welcome Spring Free Webinar: Self-Care Practices to Stay Healthy with the Season

Welcome Spring Free Webinar: Self-Care Practices to Stay Healthy with the Season
Sunday, March 19th ~ One Hour Celebration
4:30 -5:30pm AZ/Pacific (530-630pm MT, 630-730pm CT, 730-830pm ET)

This Metta Monthly we will prepare the body and mind for Spring and harmonize with the season. Experience spring cleaning from the inside out as we unhook from resistance, anger, and irritation and blend breath with mindful movements to help detox and awaken your inner spring.

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Hello spring! The energy of new growth, renewal, regeneration, and rebirth is rising up and out! The earth is quickening, and our own energy systems are awakening with a new sense of purpose and action. The seeds of change planted last fall—and nourished all winter long—are cracking through their husks and sprouting into a new form of being. Indeed, this is the season of both being and becoming.

During this seasonal transition, you may experience a building pressure that grows from new energy springing forth. The pull to remain in stillness and the push to move forward can create tension, resistance, and agitation in our bodies and minds. It takes effort, grit, determination, and tenacity to shake off the winter, push through the confines of the darkness, and reach for the light. Stretching and moving releases pent-up energies and encourages our emotions, breath, and blood to circulate freely.

Spring beckons us to shake off the chill of the winter months and bask in her blooming, bodacious energy! Yes, it’s time to germinate and grow, but also a fitting time to detox with a bit of friendly spring cleaning and movement to awaken our energy.

Join us in a community of loving kindness as we internally and externally align with the changing seasons. Explore ancient practices and sacred rites to inspire a self care lifestyle.

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Participate with us live or enjoy practicing at your own pace with the replay recording (emailed to you shortly after the live sessions).

Some of the practices to align with our Spring flow include:
>Unhooking Practice (from the past, drama, and stress)
>Spring into Action with natural remedies to support and kickstart liver detox
>Experience breath work and moving meditations to release agitation and frustration
> Embody nature with the healing movements and sounds to support your inner spring

“When you give yourself permission to bloom, you liberate stored
tension, balance your energy systems, and cultivate the
beautiful garden of your creative expression.” -H&N