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Our intention is to co-create a virtual community for Every Body that generates a lifestyle of self care and loving kindness and provides a wellspring of continual renewal and refreshment.


All Access 30+ Hours of Self Care & Touch Therapies VOD. New Videos Added Monthly
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2 Monthly Webinars, Seasonal Virtual Retreats, All Access 30+ Videos On Demand, Plus earn up to 32 CEs
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Metta Community

2 Monthly Webinars, Seasonal Virtual Retreats, and All Access 30+ Videos On Demand
$ 9
  • $99/annual
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Connect with people who care about caring, and co-create global connections that enliven, nurture, and embody lifestyles of loving kindness.

Benefits of Metta Membership

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Videos on Demand

The Essentials Membership includes over 30 hours of self care, massage and bodywork instruction, as well as medical qigong, and yoga therapy practices that nourish a felt sense of loving kindness.

Self Care Videos

Healing Moves for Joint Relief

Healing Moves for Neck & Shoulder

Healing Moves for Back & Hip Relief

Healing Moves & Heart Meditations

Massage Therapy Videos

Table Thai Yoga Massage- Prone & Supine Positions

Table Thai Yoga Massage- Side Lying & Seated Positions

Deep Tissues Therapies

Hands-Free Fusion- East Meets West

Global Reflexology

Yoga Massage - East Meets West

Each video can be purchased individually for $40 with unlimited viewing. Get access to the entire video collection with our Essentials Membership for only $6.99 a month.

Healing Moves Videos

Shoulders, Core, & Coordination

QiGong & Spinal Yoga

Tridosha Breathing, Pelvic Clock, Moving Bridges


Shoulder & Neck Relief

Wrists, Ankles, & Hips

Smiling Organ Meditation

Neck, Low Back & Hips

Restore Your Core

Head to Toes Vagal Tone

Head to Toes Vagal Tone

Wall Support

Wall Support

Healing Moves: Hips, Shoulders, and Low Back

Healing Moves: Immune Enhancing & 8 Silk Brocade Qigong

Healing Moves: Spinal Moves & 6 Healing Sounds​

Healing Moves: Shoulders, Hips, & Back

Healing Moves: Aligning, Pausing, & Integrating

Heal Your Body Grow Your Flow & Circulate Your Qi

Available when you become a Metta Community Member

Monthly Webinars &
Virtual Seasonal Retreats

Enjoy full access to our entire VOD library, two new 1-hour webinars every month, Seasonal Virtual Retreats, and Metta Community Plus members earn up to 32 CEs each year.

Monthly Webinars

All monthly webinars offer new insights and practical applications of conscious breathing, touch therapies, and healing moves to encourage a self-care lifestyle that embodies loving kindness for yourself, and for others! You will find conversations, practices, group momentum, and opportunities to connect live with Heath & Nicole. Together we can catalyze a ripple effect of wellness, refreshment, and full spectrum body intelligence!

During each solstice and equinox, align with the wisdom of nature’s cycles and your inner essence. Inspired by ancestral guidance and nature’s exquisite rhythms, together we will create sacred space to celebrate the enduring support that Pachamama (Mother Earth) offers us to restore our balance and harmony with ourselves, each other, and all that is. Together, let’s move, breathe and love in a variety of playful and contemplative practices that fuel and free your creative energy!

Previous Metta Community Webinars

Energy Medicine to Release Anxiety, Stress, & Fatigue

Energy Medicine to Release Anxiety, Stress, & Fatigue

Breath as Medicine Webinar

Autumnal Equinox 2020

Growing Your Body Intelligence Session 2

Growing Body Intelligence

Enhancing Our Immune System

Experiential Anatomy & Healing Moves for the Low Back & Hips

Each month’s webinar can be purchased for $20-$30 for unlimited viewing. Save when you become a Metta Community member by accessing a year’s worth of webinars and seasonal virtual retreats for only $9.99 a month.

2021 Metta Community Calendar



Rituals & Ceremony​

Date: January 11



Loving Kindness in Action​

Date: February 14



Spring Equinox Virtual Retreat

Date: March 19th-20th



Heal Your Low Back & Hips

Date: TBD



Emotional Mastery

Date: TBD



Summer Solstice Virtual Retreat

Date: July 19th-20th



Anatomy of Energy Circulation​

Date: TBD



Summer Time, Summer Align​

Date: TBD



Autumnal Virtual Retreat

Date:Sept 21st-22nd

About Your Teachers

Heath and Nicole Reed Photo

Living Metta (living loving kindness) is the offspring of Nicole and Heath’s 20+ years of practicing and teaching the healing arts. Utilizing the inner alchemy of breath, movement, and loving kindness, Living Metta co-creates communities and practices that transform division, suffering, and criticism, into friendly expansion, joyful body intelligence, and appreciation mastery.

Heath Reed, LMT, Movement Therapist, & Body Intelligence Coach
I am the most passionate and alive when I’m amplifying transformation. Whether I’m exploring my own evolutionary edges, or facilitating others to stretch into their own healing frontiers, I love to experience transformation! My life’s mission is to bridge the mundane and divine with simple, easy, and friendly practices that are fueled by loving kindness. Join me as we explore healing moves that transform the hard work of healing, into the “easy play” of embodying loving kindness.

Nicole Errico-Reed LMT, Movement Therapist, & Body Intelligence Coach
It is my purpose to infuse beauty and laughter into my life and in all of my relationships. I create and surround myself with anyone interested in growing our joy factor and transforming exponentially through ancient healing arts like Yoga, Ayurveda and Qi Gong. And I bring my transformative years as a Body Intelligence Coach and bodyworker to live loving kindness. Let’s create a playground together that allows for friendly expansion!