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Greetings! We are Heath and Nicole. And we are celebrating 17 years of teaching massage and yoga therapy nationally and internationally! We also teach and see clients in Tempe at Inner Vision Yoga Studio. Our mission is to inspire others to create friendly bodywork practices that embody loving kindness, expand positivity, and build body intelligence skills. We are passionate about moving and integrate ways to mobilize ourselves and our clients in almost every session. It has become a fierce priority for us to create a pain free practice! How can we eliminate suffering and become bastions for loving kindness. You will hear us say over and over again…Doe it feel good to receive? And Does it feel good to give? If not, what can we change now? We look forward to practicing loving kindness and sharing our passion with you, and here are some other ways we are sharing our passion in the world:

  • Regularly Featured Continuing Education presenters at American Massage Conferences, the ABMP Neck, & Back Summits, and World Massage Conferences.
  • Producers of a catalog of various live and recorded webinars for the Association of Bodywork and Massage Professionals, Table Mesa, Tools for Touch, and @Peace Media.
  • Savvy Self-Care Columnists for Massage and Bodywork Magazine, and contributing authors for Massage Magazine.
  • Publishers of 10 massage and movement therapy DVDs, the Healing Matters blog, a YouTube Chanel, Smiling Organ Meditation CD, and the groundbreaking book, Table Thai Yoga Massage.Creators of over 20 continuing education courses since 2001, all approved by the National Certification Board of Massage Therapy.
  • Hosts of international Loving Kindness retreats integrating bodywork, yoga therapy, and meditation, while expanding cultural awareness, self discovery, and body intelligence skills.
  • Big Leap Coaches, graduates of Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks’ Foundation for Conscious Living program. Presenting life coaching skills for generating positivity, boosting creativity, and enhancing connection.

Visit our course catalog for workshops you can book or contact us below so we can customize a course specifically for you!

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Phone: 602-751-1201