Yoga-Ssage Workshop, Sunday, Jan 14, 2024, 12:30-2pm Tempe, AZ or Online

Restore, Replenish, & Refresh while combining Yoga & Massage. In this healing session, we will practice gentle yin-style and restorative yoga, where poses are held for several minutes at a time. While you use your breath, asana, and focus to release stored tension, expert massage therapists and yoga teacher trainers, Nicole and Heath Reed will circulate throughout the room, offering hand, foot, head, and scalp massage to all participants. Create the standard for 2024 as you luxuriate into the enormous peace and calm generated by stretching and receiving in a healing atmosphere.

Space is limited, so sign up today!

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Heath and Nicole Reed are co-founders of Living Metta (living “loving kindness”) and want everyone in the world to enjoy the experience of befriending their body. Nicole and Heath lead workshops and retreats throughout the country and overseas and have been team-teaching touch and movement therapy for more than 20 years.


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