Winter Solstice At-Home Retreat

Live Webinar Event
December 20, 2020
– December 21, 2020

Sunday evening, Dec 20th-Monday evening, Dec 21st, 2020

$30 for all 3 sessions, including 5CEs

It’s time to put 2020 to rest… But not before we plunge into, and celebrate the beautiful chaos that is 2020! Though the winter solstice harkens the longest night of darkness of the entire year-it’s also the promise of getting brighter and lighter in the days and new year to come!

Let’s celebrate and move toward brighter days as we honor and embody Mother Nature’s transformation of darkness to light. The word solstice is translated from the Latin words “sol”, meaning sun and “sistere” meaning to stand still. This is loosely translated as the “sun stands still.” Join us during this sacred time to rest and reflect, and be nourished by our community of loving kindness and stillness. Together we will utilize this mystical time of year to claim our essence, catalyze transformation and rest deeply in exquisite self-care.

Participate with us live in our, or enjoy practicing at your own pace with the recordings.
Session 1: Sunday, December 20, 2020 5pm-630pm AZ/MT time (7pm-830pm EST)
Session 2: Monday, December 21, 2020 9am-10:30am AZ/MT time (11am-1230pm Eastern)
Session 3: Monday, December 21 5pm-630pm AZ/MT time (7pm-830pm EST)
Some of the practices to align with our Winter flow include:
  • Activating the TCM Water Element potential of “Wu Wei”, or effortless power
  • Aligning to the unique and special features of Mother Nature’s winter rhythms and patterns as observed through the eons across the globe
  • Practice gentle qigong to open the “wind gates” and unleash the flowing, gentle, and flexible powers of the Water element
  • Fortify our resilience and inner light of life (our “Jing”)
  • Liberate your qi with inner alchemy practices
  • Harness the mystical and therapeutic powers of water with essential oils, to be worn, diffused, massaged with, and/or included in water rituals
Be prepared to love, laugh, and learn as we let it go, and let it flow! And enjoy the exponential power of gathering and transforming in a community of like-minded people!!


Start: December 20, 2020
End: December 21, 2020
Regular Registration: $30
CES: 5 credits

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