Table Shiatsu, 6CEs

Live Webinar Event
November 4, 2021
– November 4, 2021

Thursday, 9am-4:30pm AZ/Pacific Time (10-530 Mountain, 11-630 Central, 12pm-7:30pm Eastern) Find Your Time


These 6CEs apply as Live and in-person classes for most state CE renewal requirements.


Early Registration is $59 before October 15th, $75 after



Enliven your practice with Shiatsu approaches to bodywork as you press, stretch, and open the organ and fascial meridians. And discover how to circulate your energy and feel refreshed as you soothe away clients’ tension, stress, and aches by accessing key “Golden Points” or acupressure points.


Join live or watch the webinar recording afterward for lifetime review!


In this experiential course, you will:

  • Be amazed at the results of accessing and circulating energy and oxygenated blood flow with a myriad of Shiatsu techniques
  • Review the similarities and differences between the fascial anatomy trains and organ meridians according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Discover in-the-moment, practical steps to enhancing your own experience and flow of “ki” (aka, chi, prana, qi) or vital life energy, anytime, any place
  • Use Medical Qigong practices to detox and clear “acquired qi”: energy picked up from other people, or past events or injuries
  • Utilize touch, movement, and breathwork to discharge blocked energy so it may be liberated into a new fuel source of vitality, healing, and aliveness
  • Understand when and how to apply yin (or soothing) versus yang (or activating) approaches to balance the human bioelectrical system
  • Practice the fundamental skills to perform a full body Shiatsu session or integrate healing Shiatsu techniques into any massage therapy session

What to Have on Hand:

  • Wear comfortable, easy-to-move-around-in clothes…be prepared to move your body to experience an anatomical tutorial of activating and circulating your healing energy reservoirs, as well as a bevy of healing touch therapies =)
  • We recommend you have something to write with and on to take notes and jot down insights.
  • Optional receiver/demo body to practice on from *around 11am-1230pm AZ/Pacific (12-130 MT, 1-230 CT, 2-330 ET), and 230-4pm AZ/PT (330-5 MT, 430-6 CT, 530-730 ET). Set up a massage table (or similarly set up on a futon, couch, etc.) with basic linens, bolster or pillows available

*All times subject to minor changes according to pace of class.- We appreciate your flexibility in advance.

Webinar Tuition Includes:

  • Digital copy of comprehensive Table Shiatsu instructional manual
  • 6 State- and Nationally approved-CEs -Certificate of Completion (emailed to you following your attendance in the live webinar)
  • Recording of webinar for lifetime review


Start: November 4, 2021
@ 9:00 am
End: November 4, 2021
@ 4:30 pm
Time: 9:00 am
– 4:30 pm
Early Registration: $59
before October 15, 2021
Regular Registration: $75
after October 15, 2021
CES: 6 credits

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