Summer Solstice At-Home Retreat: Celebrate & Retreat!

Live Webinar Event

Tempe, AZ

June 18, 2021
– June 19, 2021

$30 for all 3 sessions (including 3CEs for Massage Therapists and Yoga Instructors)


Join us in a community of loving kindness as we internally and externally realign with the changing seasons. And explore ancient practices and sacred rites to inspire your modern approach to a love-filled and self-care lifestyle.
Expand into the sunshine and stoke your fires of transformation!


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Summer Solstice is the peak when the sun reaches its greatest height and appears to stand still. The day of the Solstice marks the longest and strongest burst of light for the entire year. In our hemisphere the Solstice also marks the season when cicadas, BBQ’s, lounging poolside, and good old vitamin D are added to the playlist of life. The extra light and solar energy is ours to harness and make use of to dive deeper and expand into your own personal experiences of love, gratitude, joy, and freedom. We’ll use the practices of yoga, qi gong, ceremony, meditation and more on what needs your attention to freely express and shine your light of your love, joy and gratitude into the world.


Session 1: Friday, June 18th, 5-6pm AZ/PT time (8-9pm ET)
Session 2: Saturday, June 19th, 9-10am AZ/PT time (12-1pm ET)
Session 3: Saturday, June 19th, 5-6pm AZ/PT time (8-9pm ET)


Participate with us live, at-home, or enjoy practicing at your own pace with the recordings (emailed to you shortly after the live sessions).


Discover breathing, movement, meditation, recipes, and more as we retreat from heat and celebrate the virtues of summer: patience, love, joy, and gratitude!

  • Seasonal qigong and yoga to align and harmonize with summer
  • Practice breathing and meditation techniques to quell summer heat
  • Enjoy recipes to refresh and support the corresponding Chinese organ meridians of summer: the heart, small intestine, pericardium and triple warmer
  • Self-Care moves used to release the boulders in your shoulders and open your heart 
-Experience new approaches to fortify your emotional resilience
  • Discover a power song to connect with the healing energies of the sun


Invest in yourself, refresh your self-care lifestyle, rest in the support of community, and experience the transformation of conscious living!



Start: June 18, 2021
@ 5:00 pm
End: June 19, 2021
@ 6:00 pm
Time: 5:00 pm
– 6:00 pm
Regular Registration: $30
CES: 3 credits


Inner Vision Yoga Studio

6448 S McClintock Dr

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