Reframing Our Relationship with Power

In Person Class
November 5, 2020
– November 5, 2020

From Power Plays to Playing with Power

Our lives and wellbeing rely on our ability to access power. A collective belief system that divides winners from losers, haves and have nots, and tribes of right versus wrong, betrays humanity’s evolutionary imperative to connect, create, and care deeply-for everyone. We are living thru the fractures and dismantling of the old structures that operate by lording “power over” with a might-makes-right mentality. And we are entering the threshold of a new paradigm that leads by sharing “power with” to generate the greatest mutual benefit.

Discover how to open to, engage with, and expand your felt sense of empowerment while inspiring those around you to do the same! Learn how to instantly reframe your relationship with exogenous (externally created) power and shift into endogenous (internally created) power with healing moves, conscious breathing, and shifts of focus. By releasing attachment to things we can’t actually control (like others’ behaviors, or even how our own feelings show up) and redirecting that wasted effort into actions we can change instantly, we recoup the birthright of our essence expression. Become the beacon of change you wish to see in the world by living into a new story of mutual empowerment! Team-Led by Heath and Nicole Errico-Reed, LMTs, BQ Coaches, and Founders of Living Metta. Yoga teachers and students are welcome!

Offered in-person in Chandler, AZ (pending CDC recommendations), online via Zoom, or self-paced by recording.

  • Thursday, November 5 from 9-11 am (MST)
  • In-Person, Online via Zoom, or Self-Paced
  • Investment $60 – Includes 4 M-AYST Hours
  • Applies toward a specialty in TH, YWC for M-AYST candidates


Start: November 5, 2020
@ 9:00 am
End: November 5, 2020
@ 11:00 am
Time: 9:00 am
– 11:00 am
Regular Registration: $60


Inspiritus Yoga

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