Metta Community Membership

From: $9.99 / month with a 30-day free trial

This membership includes access to all Videos On Demand (VOD) with more than 30 hours of touch therapies and self care videos, 2 Monthly Experiential Webinars, All Home-study courses, and Seasonal At-Home Retreats. Plus, receive access to new videos uploaded each month!
Video on Demand (VOD) Access Includes:
16+ Self Care Instructional Videos
20+ Healing Moves Yoga Classes
6 Massage Therapy Instructional Videos
*Bonus Features: New videos added every month!
AND Metta Community Members Also get:
10% Discount for all upcoming live CE Webinars
All Home Study Courses (CE’s included for Metta Pro members)
Access to entire webinar library (40+videos)
Metta Monthly Webinars (see calendar)
4 Seasonal At-Home Retreats
Metta Monthly Webinars are held every month for 90 minutes each session -all levels welcome. Join us live or get access to recordings.
These experiential classes embrace the science with the senses to:
  • Connect and grow in community to refresh your reservoir of health and vitality with loving kindness
  • Discover effective healing strategies and techniques to release stress and pain for yourself and others
  • Upgrade and optimize your anatomical, mental, and physiological processes with amazing ‘bio-hacks’
  • Activate and use practices like Medical Qi Gong, Yoga and Touch Therapies to feel really good
Seasonal At-Home Retreats offer mindful practices to reveal and resonant with your inner nature.  Collectively harness and recalibrate with the shifting energetic and climatic transitions during each solstice and equinox. These are offered 4 times a year: Winter and Summer solstice and Spring and Autumn equinox.  All levels welcome to join us live or get access to the recordings.
These experiential classes offer tools to stay healthy with the season:
> Heightened Body Intelligence and Body Mapping Skills
> Touch Therapy Techniques for self and others
> Mindful Movements supportive to each season (yoga, chi gong and more)
> Meditations
> Clearing practices
> Breathwork
> Leadership Development
> Global Healing Perspectives
> Wellness News and Research
> Experiential Anatomy
Metta Community Membership

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