Blocks, Blankets, Bolsters, and MORE!! Embrace Loving Kindness with Props

In Person Class
July 18, 2021
– July 18, 2021

Metta Monthly Webinar for July
Sunday, July 18th, from 7-8:40am Pacific/AZ time (10-11:40am Eastern) Confirm your timezone here
Attend live and/or receive the recording for lifetime Replay for $30

(includes 2CEs for Massage Therapists and Yoga Instructors)


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Is there any particular type of support you would most like…?


In our quest to nourish ourselves with sumptuous support, we rely on props. Blankets, bolsters, blocks, yoga straps, therapy balls and more to give us the support we’re craving. Using props is a great way to customize our own self care, safely provide stability, and empower and grow our body wisdom.



Gift Yourself with Sumptuous Support

Our healing live webinar session will begin with a little background of safe use of props and then we will transition into a delightful restorative-style class. Together we will use props to:

  • Release low back tension
  • Dissolve the boulders in your shoulders
  • Restore your core
  • Unwind the pains in your rear (hips and sciatic nerve)
  • Expand into your foot fitness for full-body well being

Do I need buy stuff or have any experience to participate?

No you don’t need to spend a lot of money or have any experience to safely use props to feel better every day! You likely have plenty of prop support laying around your home… Look for a firm pillow to substitute for a yoga bolster or block; swap out a yoga strap with a long towel, belt or necktie; and a lot of us have a tennis or golf ball rolling around somewhere we can use instead of therapy balls. Upon registration, we’ll send you recommendation and links to our favorite props in case you’d like to have them on hand before meet-up live.



Start: July 18, 2021
@ 7:00 am
End: July 18, 2021
@ 8:40 am
Time: 7:00 am
– 8:40 am
Regular Registration: $30
CES: 2 credits

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