Appreciation: The Foundation for a Joy-Filled Life Couples Panel, 11/21 Free Webinar

Join our November Metta Monthly–Appreciation: The Foundation for a Joy-Filled Life Couples Panel Free Webinar
November 21st, 2023, 6pm AZ/MT (5pm PT, 7pm CT, 8pm ET)
Team Facilitators Heath & Nicole Reed, Michele & Dean Yasuda, and Marlene & Bob Neufield

Join our Conscious Partnership Panel to learn how these couples create magic in their lives through the practice of appreciation. From creating a daily appreciation ritual, to learning how self-appreciation contributes to relationship success, our panel will be shining a light on how gratitude nourishes and sustains our relationships. You’ll learn what gets in the way of giving and receiving appreciation and how to expand your capacity for giving and receiving appreciation.

how appreciation practices are essential for relationship health
how to easily create fun practices in your relationship
how appreciation supports us in being allies
the difference between loving yourself and selfishness

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