24 Days of Living Loving Kindness in 2024!

Live Webinar (Mondays)

January 8, 2024
Start Time: 4:30 pm
End Time: 5:20 pm

*Times are Arizona / Pacific time. Confirm your time zone here.

Program includes 3 Live Online Sessions, Plus 24 ways of bringing Loving Kindness into your day, delivered daily in your inbox, and 4 CEs for Massage therapists.

Live Meet-Ups with Loving Kindness Experts, Heath & Nicole Reed occur on 3 consecutive Mondays beginning Jan 8th thru Jan 22nd, from 4:30-5:20pm AZ/ MT

(Replays emailed for those unable to attend or for lifetime review)

$50 or Free for Metta Community Members

Attention all Generous Hearts, Helpers and Healers, Creative Rebels and Big Players! 2024 is the time to shine our light and co-create a world worthy of our unrealized and infinite love!

The world as we know it is at a crossroads: Do we sit back and complacently accept the hostility, ill-will, and anxiety rife on the planet? Or do we take the simple, yet radical steps necessary to actively create the world of our dreams?

If you, like us, are courageous enough to buck the cynical and heartless rhetoric so popular in the public sphere, join us in a community committed to bringing forth the best and brightest in ourselves and all those we touch.

For over 25 years, Heath and Nicole have been asking, answering, and living into the question, “How can we grow the power of loving kindness, individually and collectively?” On their quest, they have studied many of the worlds’ religions, sat at the feet of masters and sages in the East and the West, and researched what science has to say on the subject. But their greatest realizations about living loving kindness stems from their relationship and everyday practice. Getting curious, and turning towards the goodness in the world and in themselves by actively seeking out and creating opportunities for loving kindness to flourish. It is our honor and challenge to you in 2024 to Live Loving Kindness. We have put together 24 Days of practical ways we can Live Loving Kindness. The Reeds plan to share the simplest and most impactful actions you can take-oftentimes only requiring a few moments of your attention-to dramatically increase your capacity to give and receive larger doses of care, connection, friendliness and bliss for longer periods of time.

Join us and declare to the universe that you are willing to act in the world in ways that embody loving kindness for yourself, your family, and your community. In this playful exploration, we will offer practical ways to immediately shift away from criticism in favor of appreciation, embrace both tender and fierce sides of compassion, and grow a bevy of breathing, moving, touching, and loving practices to instantly change your biology and attitude.

This is not a program designed to ignore the suffering in the world. In order to live loving kindness, we must acknowledge the dark. However, it is incumbent for us to favor the light.

We look forward to co-creating communities of loving kindness with you all over the planet!



Start: January 8, 2024
@ 4:30 pm
@ 5:20 pm
Time: 4:30 pm
– 5:20 pm
CES: 4 credits