Drain the Pain Acupressure Points

Acupressure is a safe and effective way to enhance yours and your clients sense of wellbeing.  It’s an ancient art practiced for centuries that has been used to to stimulate an individuals ability to heal and find balance. Acupressure can be done anywhere, at anytime, and repeated multiple times a day. In fact, the benefits of Acupressure become enhanced the more often you practice, and there is no limit to how long you can hold or massage an acupoint. Below are two very potent acupressure points that relieve muscle tension and aches, calm the nervous system, and promote the circulation of blood and Qi (energy) to restore mind-body balance. You may hold these acupoints lightly or massage them with mild to firm pressure. Explore and harness the body’s natural ability to self heal and eliminate discomfort.

li4_demo1Large Intestine 4 (LI4) or Joining the Valley

Also referred to as a “Gate of Pain”, LI4 is a general pain reliever for the upper body. Use LI4 to relieve frontal headaches, constipation, balance the GI tract, and ease arm, shoulder, hand, and wrist discomfort. You can find this point in the webbing between the thumb and index finger. Try working this point on yourself; you can use your opposite finger and thumb to squeeze, massage, or gently contact LI4 to drain any upper body pain or fatigue from a long day of sessions.  To integrate LI4 into any session hold or massaging both points on each hand until you feel a release (1-2 minutes minimum) These points are usually sore, so be mindful of your pressure.

0_0_0_0_250_166_csupload_47023016 Liver 3 (LV3) or Bigger Rushing

LV3 is the second pair of points referred to as the “Gates of Pain”  and act as a general analgesic or pain reliever, especially in the lower body. We use these points when a client has low back, hip, knee or foot pain. LV3 also eases headaches, tired eyes, congestion, and hangover symptoms. To find these points on yourself; take a seat on the floor or in a chair, remove your shoes and cross one ankle over the opposite thigh. LV3 is found on top of the foot, in-between the first and second toe, and just a couple inches away from the webbing. Use your thumb or fingers to massage this area and repeat on the opposite side. If you’re experiencing arthritis, foot or knee pain predominantly on one side of your body, you may want to spend more time massaging LV3 on the same side as your discomfort. To integrate into any session consider working both points on both feet at the same time. Massage gently or hold points until you feel the body soften or a non-blood pulse rise to the surface.

*Do not work this point during pregnancy as LI4 and LV3 are said to promote labor. If labor has begun, these points are sometimes stimulated by nurses, doulas, or midwifes to help encourage delivery.

Acupressure is a natural and simple approach to taking good care of yourself and is easy to integrate into any bodywork session. It’s a great way to help circulate the Qi (energy) and help the body help itself. We invite you to use and share these Acu-points whenever and wherever you’d like to enhance yours and your clients sense of ease, flow, and wellbeing.


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