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Advanced Pain Management Therapies Certification Program

100-Hour Program Information

course calendar

April 24th, 2023

Registration Opens

May 1st, 2023

Registrants receive access to all Home Study Modules

JULY 27TH, 2023

Round 3 Registration Closes

JULY 27TH, 2023

First Live Zoom Session for Round 3

November, 2023

In-Person Hands-On Final Exam Schedule

Program Syllabus

Part 1: Information

Instructors, definitions, access, prerequisites, required reading, structure, and assessments.

Part 2: Student Learning Outcomes & Objectives

Outcomes, objectives, learnings, benefits, requirements and due dates.

Part 3: Home Study & Live Course Calendar

Sequences, schedule, sessions, and exam eligibilities.

Part 4: Evaluation Process

In-person hands-on final exam logistics.

Part 5: Course Policies

Participation and submission due dates, assessment forms, troubleshooting.

The entire program syllabus is available for preview at the button below. 

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