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The Smiling Organ Meditation CD- 70 mins
Includes Qi Gong Warm-up Exercises and 2 Versions of the Smiling Organ Meditation



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The morning and evening versions of the Smiling Organ meditations and Qi Gong Warm-ups on this CD are designed to help release stored tension, resistance and so-called negative emotions and transform these into clarity, an open heart, and a sense of ease. The Smiling Organ meditation fosters healing on the energetic level of our thoughts and emotions, and also contributes to our physical well being. Many principles of this meditation are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, ancient Qi Gong practices, and 5-Element Theory. We focus on 5 major organ meridians and their corresponding qualities of sound, color, and emotions to transform painful feelings and stuck or stray energies into kindness, courage, peace, joy, and trust.


  1. Jess

    This is an amazing Meditation CD. A must for everyone!

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